I am combining in my performances principles of devised, alternative theatre, physical theatre, puppet/object theatre, music theatre, multi-media to build new theatre productions based on fiction and documentary. I am putting an accent on theatre on the boundaries/edges with reality, searching for original artistic concepts of the stage, and investigating spatial and audience relation.

I see theatre as a public practice and usually working with both professional/amateurs to create authentic theatre performances.

I am creating the original visual language of each performance based on themes, topics and structure focusing on documentary puppet theatre, a theatre genre that has not been explored well. I bring on stage new technologies as well as developing new ways of multi-level theatre language. I mix old traditional forms of storytelling with contemporary theatre forms.

As a freelancer director I directed performances in Czechia, Jordan, Bahrain, Austria and Hong Kong.

The Night the earth shook / Vienna, Jan. 2020

Devised with Monica Hunken, Reka Deak and participants: refugees, immigrants, local participants and with the Iraqi Autumn collective. Theme: Climate Change and mass immigration! Process was inspired by participants’ memories and personal associations.

CC by Peter R. Horn @ Brunnenpassage, Vienna 2020.

War Maker

Based on Palestinian artist Karim Shaheen’s true story, War Maker is a voyage into Karim’s dreams and delusions. With the mise-en-scene as a resonance chamber, the audience will start sharing right from the beginning the artist’s mindset. Having lived within an ongoing exile, Karim’s life is standing at the crossroads where the performance itself mirrors his broken war memories and the liminality of his existence.

| War Maker | Theatre Performance: Visual Art. New Media. Documentary. Object Theatre | 45 min. | Director: Husam Abed | Dramaturge: Marek Turosik | Art director: Astrid Mendez | Stage and puppet designer: Katarina Cakova | Sound, Music, Light: Matej Vejdelek | Video and editing: Dmitri Berzon, Reka Deak | On stage: Husam Abed, Matej Vejdelek | Czech Republic | 2021 |

The Human connection is the essence of good theatre
Peter Brook


It was performed more than 200 times, toured in Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Lithuania, Macao, Egypt , Jordan and Poland where it got two Jury distinctions for original artistic concepts.

It hits and strokes you together!
Vladimir Hulec, critic and Jury member at 30th Skupa Plzen, Czechia, 2014
Staying clear of propaganda, ‘The Smooth Life’ is all the more powerful and thought-provoking for the normality and joyful moments of life that it portrays in the face of brutal politics
Rachel MacNally, a Jury member of A puppet is a human too festival, Poland, 20th November 2015.
@Irena Vodakova, Nad Prahou Pulmesic, Praha, 2015.
@Irena Vodakova, Nad Prahou Pulmesic, Praha, 2015.
@PIT festival, Norway, 2016.
@PIT festival, Norway, 2016.

Smooth Life

A non-traditional solo autobiography object performance for 8 spectators. Stories of Palestinian man, born and raised in Baqa’a refugee camp; the biggest Palestinian refugee camp in Joradn, told according to his personal history.

“Audience sits around the table while food is prepared, he tells the stories of his family's diaspora in a charming and evocative way in the context of the political events in the region. With soulful music and the power of the objects you get very close to something that seems very distant. All this is accompanied by video projections objects, photos, maps, videos and especially raw "recycled" materials - tin cans, wire, paper, wood, rice grains - and good old storytelling. Abed speaks loudly, whispers, hits the table with his fist, sings and dances. We hear stories about a life and experiences far away from our reality. At the table, art connects with life and creation mixed with realism. Abed uses the stories of his own personal and daily life to create an atmosphere that fills all our senses”.

Smooth Life | Performed and directed by: Husam Abed | Dramaturge: Marek Turosik | Stage designer: Reka Deak | Performance | 2014

What a powerful performance! I was impressed by the attention to details and choice of set design, the symbolisms used throughout the play (The rice to represent family members) the map, the circular approach, the natural material, found objects used in order to create the puppets. Husam tells his story in a very impactful way, while creating a very intimate, safe, and inviting experience for his audience. I was moved by his personal story, his relationship with his father, its many different intertwined layers rooted and tied in with Historical facts. Again which I thought was told with great perspective and respect for his audience. I felt transported! That sense of hope and resolve he gives despite such hardship transpires throughout his play. A very moving story, told in a beautiful way - rich in colors and “flavors”. A must experience.
Stephanie Filippi, Prologue to the Performing Arts, Toronto, Canada, 30th Skupova Plzen, 2014
Smooth Life is an interesting personal peep into somebody's life – life so different from our European experience, yet full of love, hope and expectations. Husam creates an atmosphere for all senses; therefore his solo is so impressive you want to participate even more.
MgA. Marta Ljubkova – pedagogue at DAMU - Prague, 2014.

Many many things we can learn from Husam when it comes to ethics, sensitivity vs professionalism and maintaining the quality of a work
Abd Al Hadi Nahleh, co-founder of Studio 8

Last Party at Baqaá camp, Jordan, 2019.

Director: Husam Abed, Choreographer: Ryuji Yamaguchi , Art consultant: Reka Deak

Site-specific experimental physical theatre object theatre and working with materials. Devised with refugees from Sudan, Syria, Palestine, local and Indian participants around Liminality of Home demolition and first shock theme.

CC by Ahmad AlGhouri @ Baqa’a camp, Jordan 2019.

 Refugee Safari, Swden Gotgorg, 2016.
Refugee Safari, Swden Gotgorg, 2016.
Whatever Husam Abed does, he always does it with a strong personal interest, with respect for others, and above all with an intense inner belief that theater (especially puppet theater) is a platform on which you can explore the possibilities of reality, the possibilities of making the world better - no matter how banal it may sound.
Jiri Havelka

Refugee Safari

A progressive house musical about war, borders, weapons, natural parks, refugss and “Sky captain and the world of Ikea”.

A cooperation between Father and Son Mainstream (Sweden, Italy, Germany), Dafa Puppet Theatre, Bataljonen (Sweden), Babu Association (Romania) and Naprawski (Italy)

Refugee Safari | Director: Nicola Bremer, Stage designer: Reka Deak, Choreography: Hana Morau, On stage: Saga Bjorklund Jonson, Husam Abed, Music: Saga Björklund Jönsson, Father and Son Mainstream featuring Husam Abed, Photography: Maria Björklund Jönsson| Performance | Gotebory, Sweden | 2016

I would definitely recommend the musical performance Refugee Safari, a progressive house musical. It will be a European premier and it will take place in Moving Station, our main festival spot in the city of Plzeň. It is a great performance dealing with the topics of weapons, war refugees, borders, as well as culture integration
Tereza Svášková, Arab festival director and one its founders, Plzen, Czech Republic

Theseus was performed at international festivals in Austria, Romania, Poland, Czechia, France, Slovenia, Bahrain, UAE, Jordan, Hong Kong & Macau

Happening in this day Funded by KVINFO / Denmark

A story of a man who dreams of immigrating away from his family. His journey towards his dream reveals the complexity of his relation with his wife and reflects a patriarch community. In one-hour shadow theatre and a tabletop puppet performance, the audience attends a satire that tackles social problems: the complicated aspects of immigration with a biting humor that cuts through the preconceived notions, norms and prejudices the audience has.

Project manager: Husam Abed | Project Coordinator: Junifaa Za'taraa | Script, vision & Director: Husam Abed | Actors, puppeteers: Ahmad Srour, Tarek Sayes, Mohamad Saadi, Husam Abed | Puppets' designers: Brigitte Doerner, Dark Smile Studio – Prague – Czech, Mayada Qashou | Music composers: Tareq Jundi, Husam Abed, Ahmad Barakat | Vocal: Husam Abed , Ahmad Barakat, Mohamad Abdalla, Mohannad Atallah | Musicians: Ma'an Assayed, Nasser Salameh, Ahmad Barakat , Jacob Abu Ghosh, Tareq Jundi, Alaa Takroore, Odai Shawagfah, Tareq Abu Kwaik | Graphic designer: Kamel Abu Yahia| Technical Manager: Nabil Marrar | Light design: Huda Qaoud | Filming : Asmaa Abu Sa'adah | Media Coverage: Radio AlBalad, Roya TV, Al-Arab Al-Yawm Newspaper, Kharabeesh | 2011/2012

The songs were recorded at Jacob Abu Ghosh studio

In his work, Husam Abed deliberately takes advantage of the generation gap to create something positive. He accentuates the difference between how young and older women themselves believe society views them as women, and he believes that the younger women need the stories of the older women in order for them to reflect and contemplate. Consequently, the theatre group has collected personal recounts from women of all ages at workshops. Here, the participants have told their stories to each other, after which these stories have been turned into plays
Gitte Young,, 2012

Two-years Touring Puppet Theatre in Villages and Palestinian Refugee Camps in Jordan

Funded by Netherlands Embassy

After the successful puppet tour of Happening on this day in 2012 funded by KVINFO / Denmark, we thought of widening the scope to reach more audiences. The result was a puppet tour to refugees' camps and villages that lasted for two years where over 5200 spectators attended and we delivered workshops on story collecting for youth 18+ from the elderly and performing them through Shadow Theater by children 8-12 years old.

Two-years Touring Puppet Theatre | Project manager: Husam Abed | Project Coordinators: Fadi Adel, Mayada Qashou | Cast: Ahmad Srour | Mohamad Saadi | Mohamad Zoabe | Mohamad Absse| 2012/2014

Through this spring, the theatre had performed almost everywhere in town, including five performances at the Royal Cultural Center in February.
John Lillywhite, Puppet Resistance, Jo magazine, June 2012, Photography by: Cury Eldridge